#MusicMonday: Andrea DeJonge

19th July, 2016

Andrea DeJonge is a folk/pop artist from Michigan living in Brooklyn. You can catch her single, "Rose Colored Glasses," in our teaser trailer. 


What attracted you to folk music, in particular? 

I have always been a singer and started writing my own music about 3 years ago. I have been experimenting with different styles but I write most things on the ukulele which gives it a "folky" flavor. I also love tight and interesting harmonies and often write songs with other vocal parts in mind. I suppose I would call it indie-folk-pop!


Where do you get your inspiration? 

I write about things straight out of my own life. (Stupid boys, mostly) but have been trying to challenge myself to write from other sources as well. Wrote a song for a wedding in which I'm maid of honor, another one is inspired by a play my friend wrote, and I've been trying to push myself to write about things that matter in a broader sense. Issues that I care about, without sounding preachy. (It can be a challenge)! 


Who are your biggest musical influences?

Amanda Palmer, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor just to name a few. I like these artists because they are great writers but they also lead inspiring lives outside of music and are kickass female role models who are nothing but themselves. 


We featured "Rose Colored Glasses" in our teaser trailer - can you tell us a bit about the story behind that song? 

The song "Rose Colored Glasses" was about a relationship that wasn't working, but I continued to go back to itbecause I had a false image in my head of what we were or could be. The song has become much more to me now, and I titled my debut EP "Rose Colored Glasses" because it applies to a period of time in my life where I needed a serious reality check in order to move forward. 


What do you have going on in the rest of 2016? 

I've been working on some new material, might be making some demos soon, and have been working with some incredible musicians who back me up in live shows around NYC. Also, my Rose Colored Glasses EP will have its one year birthday this August, so there may be something special coming to celebrate that - you can keep up with everything at andreadejonge.bandcamp.com or follow me on www.Facebook.com/andreadejongemusic


And, in keeping with the spirit of our series - have you ever lied (or distorted the truth) via social media? 

I think it's easy to only show the great things going on in our lives. (For one thing- I'm such an optimist I probably lie to myself as much as anyone) I definitely get overwhelmed by social media. Especially pursuing a career in the arts where I feel like that's part of my craft now- to post things. Sometimes I just don't feel it, I'm not inspired, I'm not promoting anything, and yet there is pressure to look like I've got it all together and I'm this creative ball of energy. It can be exhausting. But it's also great to be able to connect with people and let them know what I'm doing so easily. A double edged-sword I suppose!