Keep Me Posted

A biting look at the impact of texting and social media on our closest relationships, told through the lives of three friends trying to grow up without growing apart.

Ali is a list-maker; she schedules every day out the night before, and doesn’t need Facebook to remember a birthday. Reliable and practical, she’s the “together” friend, and she likes it that way.

But when she gets engaged and moves in with her fiancé, Ali’s perfectly-controlled world is upended. As she adjusts to their changing life together, she starts to question her expectations of marriage, while desperately trying to hide the fact that she feels anything but together.

Kavita is the kind of person who makes anyone feel like they’re talking to an old friend. Usually. Moving back in with her parents plunged her into a funk, and even when she lands a dream job and moves out, she’s dismayed to find that having the perfectly crafted life doesn’t chase away the gloom.

As Kavita loses interest in nearly everything and is exhausted by even the most mundane tasks, she’s forced to confront the fact that her temporary ‘funk,’ may actually be something more.

Becca is a romantic and an idealist, always fantasizing about the private lives of the people she meets and dreaming about a future as a prolific writer. But living in her head means she’s not always prepared for reality; her punctured fantasies have left a string of jilted guys in her wake, and her lack of direction and follow-through mean that her dreams are just that — dreams.

When lack of follow-through costs Becca her job, she decides to finally pursue writing, but quickly finds that she won’t get anywhere if she can’t work up the confidence to take some risks.